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Barbarian Medieval Tavern

Welcome to Barbarian Medieval Tavern. When you open antique courtyard door that defies the years. The centuries old stone stairs carry you to an endless view of fairy chimneys, rock tombs and historical mansions. Barbarian Medieval Taverns is an old barn whit underground rock carved caves and rock carved arched stone building on the ground floor. main building vas used as stables in ottoman period and as post Office, in the Republic period when mail …. Delivered by camel and horses . Later it was restored and used as the residence of Erinal family  for 17 years. Nowadays this historical buildings open it’s doors to guests as tavern hosted by the family.

Experience unique flavors of carefully selected local meat, slow cooked on coals, accompanied with ……. Medieval beverages wines and beers.

Have a good time in rock  carved caves of our tavern, taste aged and young local wines in our cellar, see thousand –years –old cave tunnel, bearing traces of Hitites and Roman soldiers, wander into small conceptual souvenir shop with authentic hand made objects to purchase in memory of this unique places.

Enjoy your visit.

Barbarian Mediavel Tavern
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